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En medio de una temporada que arranca lenta por problemas con las salas, la escena alternativa prepara sus motores más creativos

Se vienen montajes de Bartís, Veronese, Pavlovsky, Szuchmachery Catani, entre otros

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Veronese en NY

 “Un Hombre que se Ahoga” (“A Man Who Drowns”), an Argentine piece at this year’s Lincoln Center Festival, is an adaptation of Chekhov’s “Three Sisters,” arranged as efficiently as a businessman’s valise. Of all Chekhov’s masterworks, “Three Sisters” is the play we most associate with stasis, the grim view that life is happening far beyond the tree line. Chekhov himself acknowledged that it had “an atmosphere more gloomy than gloom itself.” The manipulative prevail; the hopeful and decent merely subsist. But in this production by Proyecto Chejov, Daniel Veronese, the director and adapter, has refused to travel with the full cargo of all that melancholy.

Chekhov Compacted, in Spanish by NYT