Doodling: an antidote for digital distraction?

Interesante artículo para nuestras mentes modernas, siempre propensas a la distracción. Por Cheryl Lowry.

The visual thinking movement has an antidote for the problem of digital distraction, but it may require you to set aside your iPad and pick up a pen. Sketchnotes are handwritten notes that use simple visual cues —doodles, lines, and labels—  to capture and organize information. As you’ll learn from this Sketchnotes 101 presentationfrom SXSW 2010, you don’t have to be an artist to practice visual notetaking. All you need to know how to draw are the 6 fundamentals: letters, connectors, bullets, shadows, frames, and stick people. Sketchnote Army, an online community of visual notetakers, has many examples of how to use these fundamentals to take notes if you’re looking for inspiration on how to get started.    (LEER ARTÍCULO COMPLETO EN FLIPTHEMEDIA.COM)

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