The Seagull, at the Royal Court 2007

En el Royal Court Theatre de Londres, en el Jerwood Theatre Downstairs

Una nueva versión del clásico de Chéjov de Christopher Hamptom.

Direction: Ian Rickson / Design: Hildegard Bechtler / Sound: Ian Dickinson /
Lighting: Peter Mumford / Music: Stephen Warbeck / Costume hire: Cosprop /
Wig maker: Peter King / Wig/Hair Production Consultant: Pam Humpage /
Running Wigs/Hair: Anna Morena / Dresser: Pam Anson

Cast: Denise Black / Mackenzie Crook / Chiwetel Ejiofor / Paul Jesson /
Art Malik / Carey Mulligan / Christopher Patrick Nolan / Katherine Parkinson /
Mary Rose / Pearce Quigley / Kristin Scott Thomas / Peter Wight

Más Data en Royal Court Theatre;
“…In a role that’s a far cry from the ghastly Gareth in The Office, Mackenzie Crook gives a touchingly truthful performance as Konstantin – his awkward, lanky body and injured eyes conveying the love-starved neediness of a youth who is mortified to lose both his neglectful mother and his starry-eyed girlfriend to an older, successful writer Trigorin. As the latter, Chiwetel Ejiofor seems far too straightforward and honourable – surely a writer who is as self-conscious as he is about the deadliness of turning the whole of life into “copy” would be more calculatingly aware of his effect on Carey Mulligan’s superlative Nina…” Fuente: The Independent UK

Acerca de Carlos Sims
Otro actor que escribe.

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