HAMLET / Founder’s Theatre

An Active ‘Hamlet’ at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Mass.

Extractos de la Nota (NYT; Brent Brantley)

«Really, wouldn’t you be seriously ticked off if you discovered, at a young and impressionable age, that the world you had grown up in so comfortably was riddled with the vilest corruption? That no one can be trusted, including your mom (that slut), your girlfriend (that traitor), your school chums (those bootlickers) and, most of all, your bossy stepfather (that corporate fascist pig murderer), who presumes to tell you how to live your life. Why not get back at the whole rotten lot of them by pretending to be crazy? Then you can give your anger full, showy rein, and everyone will indulge you because you’re sick.»

Ficha: By William Shakespeare; directed by Eleanor Holdridge; sets by Edward Check; lighting by Les Dickert; costumes by Jessica Ford; production stage manager, Molly Elizabeth McCarter; music and sound by Scott Killian; fight choreographer, Kevin G. Coleman; assistant director and fight captain, Stephen James Anderson. Presented by Shakespeare & Company, Tina Packer, artistic director, and Mark W. Jones, executive director. At the Founders’ Theater, 70 Kemble Street, Lenox, Mass.; (413) 637-3353. Through Aug. 27. Running time: 3 hours.

WITH: Jason Asprey (Hamlet), Nigel Gore (Claudius), Tina Packer (Gertrude), Dennis Krausnick (Polonius/Priest), Kevin O’Donnell (Laertes), Howard W. Overshown (Horatio), Elizabeth Raetz (Ophelia), John Windsor-Cunningham (Ghost/Player King/Gravedigger), Tom Wells (Rosencrantz/Soldier), Kenajuan Bentley (Guildenstern/Osric) and Stephen James Anderson (Fortinbras).

Hamlet en WS & Co. ; William Shakespeare & Company; New York Times

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