Versace – Ingrid Sischy

Points at Gianni Versace’s The Art of Being You

«… he always believed that the best engine to take us into the future is creativity…»
«His high expectations, his belief that nothing was impossible, and his fearlessness were all so convincing and inspiring that it made you feel all those things too.»
«On each person’s shoulders is the freedom to have his or her own style» NOV ’97
«The individual who sends it to you is someone who exemplifies the art of being himself, and who doesn’t waste his energy being afraid of the judgment of others»
«Some people are born royal. Other people realize their own royalty» – Elton John. «I cannot imagine a better way to express the fact that each person has within himself or herself their own richness, their own power, their own glamour, their own kingdom of ideas about what rules in life»
Andy Warhol… people who had nowhere to go but with their dreams, to prove the point that one minute somebody could be struggling to get an audition and the next minute become the star that magazines want on their covers.

Acerca de Carlos Sims
Otro actor que escribe.

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